Max Fry

Meet Captain Max Fry

Meet the Captain Max Fry and Max Fly Charters

Get ready to meet the legendary Captain Max Fry of Max Fly Charters, Chesapeake Bay! If you're an avid fishing enthusiast or just someone who loves to spend time on the water, then this is one person you simply have to know. Captain Max is the owner and operator of the fishing charter company Max Fly Charters.

Captain Max Fry is a seasoned angler with an intimate knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay, as he grew up immersed in its waters. With his older brother being a charter captain and a presence on the bill fishing world circuit, Captain Max found inspiration and guidance in his sibling's footsteps. Beginning his journey on sport-fishing boats during his teenage years and into his early 20s, he honed his skills and deepened his passion for the sport. Captain Max firmly believes that fishing is the ultimate sport, constantly offering opportunities for learning and growth while providing an exhilarating challenge. His recently developed experience in spearfishing has further enriched his understanding of fish behavior, enabling him to better assist his guests in their quest for a successful fishing charter. With his wealth of knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm, Captain Max Fry is dedicated to creating unforgettable fishing experiences aboard Max Fly Charters.

Captain Max Fry possesses a remarkable expertise in light tackle fly fishing and the art of sight casting, making him a true master of precision and finesse on the water. With an acute understanding of the Chesapeake Bay's ecosystem, he skillfully navigates the shallow waters, guiding anglers to prime spots where fish are visible and ready to be targeted. Captain Max's ability to spot fish and present delicate fly presentations with pinpoint accuracy ensures an exhilarating experience for fly fishing enthusiasts, as they witness the electrifying moment when their fly is met with an explosive strike. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the world of fly fishing, Captain Max's specialty in light tackle fly fishing and sight casting promises an unforgettable adventure filled with excitement and unparalleled angling opportunities.

Boat details

Our fishing excursions aboard the Max Fly Charters take place on a 25' Mako center console boat, boasting a sturdy construction that has stood the test of time since its original build in 1985. With a powerful 300HP Suzuki engine propelling it forward, this vessel can reach a maximum cruising speed of 28 knots, ensuring swift and efficient navigation across the Chesapeake Bay. The spacious deck accommodates up to 5 guests, providing ample room for everyone to enjoy a comfortable and exhilarating fishing experience.

Max Fly Charters ensures an exceptional aquatic experience that will leave everyone yearning for more.

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12 Years of Experience

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Freshwater Fishing
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Gear & Equipment

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Good to Knows

Trip Includes: 

-Rods, Reels, Tackle

-Lures & Bait

Things to Bring:

-Snacks & Drinks

-Wear Weather-Appropriate Clothing

-Sun Protection (Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Hats)

DEPOSIT: A deposit is required for all bookings and will be applied at checkout

BALANCE: The remaining balance is due on the trip date as either Credit or Cash. 

GUEST CANCELLATION: In the event that you must cancel your booking, you must do so 3 days prior to your trip date to receive a refund on your deposit. Rescheduling is encouraged and dependent on guide availability.

GUIDE CANCELLATION: In the rare event that your guide must cancel due to inclement weather, health, or equipment issues, you will have the option to reschedule your charter for a later date or receive a refund on your deposit.

TIPPING: Tips to your guide are greatly appreciated for your quality trip.


Mako (Center console)

Boat Type: Motorboat (engine-powered)

Boat Guest Capacity: 5

Boat Length: 25

Manufacturer Name: Mako

Model Year: 1985

Number of Engines: 1

Horsepower per Engine: 300

Maximum Cruising Speed: 28

Boat Registration: Not Given

Features: GPS, Fish Finder, Flybridge, Ice-Box, Livewell / Live Bait Tank, Spearfishing Equipment, Outriggers